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Korea Health Products!

Targeted to Korea export business company that selected by Korean government public relations magazine. You can acquire various information about Korean products, Korea trade, Korean company via Korea Magazine. We will do our best to enhance Korea company`s export via Korea page.


MEDIANA 's R&D Team makes an effort to provide more than medical equipment. MEDIANA is selected as an enterprise in charge of developing AED(Automated External Defibrillator ) , Fetal Monitor, Pulse Oximeter and other medical equipment.


Founded in 1960, LISTEM is a leading manufacturer in Korean x-ray System , and a world leader in imaging solutions. Through continuous R&D of X-ray Systems, LISTEM has led to grow and develop the medical equipment and related technologies. The company provides all kinds of X-ray solutions including state-of-the-arts Digital Radiography system and Fluoroscopy systemas well as other general Mobile X-ray systems.

Medical Supply Co., Ltd.

Medical equipment Manufacturing company Co., Ltd.
Medical Supply Co., Ltd. deals with medical equipment as General Exporter and Importer for more than 20 years since in 1989. In order to diversify business area, the company has supplied their own-manufactured products with clients from all around the world, with a lot of year experience in the field of medical device. In addition, medical supply newly developed SpO2 Monitor and Sperm Analyzer exported into various countries.


High-performance and multi-function medical graphic monitors ?KOSTEC Co., Ltd .
KOSTEC is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing industrial image display device, particularly medical imaging display monitors such as Diagnostic monitor Diagnostic monitor( and Surgical monitor Surgical monitor( . The company provides high quality monitors to clients and partners. Besides, has been running the medical monitor manufacturing business from domestic to overseas market.


The Most trusted medical massage bed manufacturer - NUGA MEDICAL..
NUGABESTė­© lead products are Spine Treatment Equipment which is called as a thermal massage bed NUGA Medical Co., Ltd has contributed to the industrial development with the export records 200 million dollar, while manufacturing and selling massage beds to over 70 countries for the domestic demand and expectation. Thermal massage beds are verified from an international clientele. Products are can be used for home use safely. Besides, Tourmanium products are stone component parts for health. NUGA Medical provides many products using Tourmanium.

Korean Ginseng - Korea Ginseng Bio Science Co., LTD

KOREA GINSENG BIO-SCIENCE Co. Ltd. supply high quality traditional Korean ginseng products. But KOREA GINSENG BIO-SCIENCE not just sales for Korean, they has been concentrating their sales in the world market, showing high pride and equal results all in an effort to show the superior quality of Korean health products. They manufacture Korea ginseng well-bing products including ginseng tea, ginseng water, ginseng mask, Red ginseng(hongsam) tea, drinks, honeyed ginseng, ginseng capsules. They will provide their customers with the products that meet our beliefs in a healthier and happier society.

Natural Alternatives Products - Mycoplus

Mycoplus possesses some 400 strains of rare Entomopathogenic fungi isolated in Korea. Based on this technology, Mycoplus strives to develop natural alternatives products that are internationally competitive. Mycoplus can achieve stable and constant increase in sales because of the superiority and of niqueness company's products. Mycoplus' products are all-natural, eco-friendly and do not cause side effects. Hence they meet the customers' demand for items that suite the "well-being" fad of the era. Mycoplus, with its material production, technology transfer and final products, that cannot be copied by other companies, can guarantee constant increase in annual income.

All agricultural Products -

Korean Agricultural Products by Whimori Korea's major agricultural export brand, provides the most carefully selected quality agricultural products grown in Korea such as Paprika, Korean Pears, Chrysanthemums, Flowers, Fruits and so on all over the world.

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